The Campus Marcius, an Ancient Gaming System

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(finite, grouped, together)

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Trinity - Trinity decipher - Trinity nature

Box  Sings - Trinity

This is about the Trinity's complete body of value/semi-nature of value relationshisp to space's complete identity.  See value; try.

 The identity of existence has all complete bodies of value also simultaneously as a semi-nature relationship to the semi-nature of itself as bond onto/semi-as all value progressions individually, and/or not.  One way alone is cold, and is hot to warm.  One way will just evolve or fleet; forewarn; Lethe of Hades.  Lethe of Hades is forced space nature transfer.  Space nature is the semi-nature of existence itself.  The identity of existence was a perfect value progression before matter.  Science revealed/s this.  Being the phenomenon of the perfect value progression, the complete identity of space, although invisible, like oxygen, as well, because the complete identity of existence was also a nature that was value before matter, too, the identity of space, so being the identity of existence, but being so distinctly, and being so simultaneously non-distinctly.  And so the identity of space, even though it is bond as a value as nature before, and then as the value of all finite, active, and of/as all progressions’s value, simultaneously, too, this was/is only because of the way that the complete identity of existence is coming through and to all parts of space non-distinctly.  Non-distinctly every value gains unceasingly.  Everywhere there is something, even with/as concepts, especially foundationally backed ones, the complete nature of every identity’s value is before, is to, and is as, and, again, is only gaining through all things; box sings.  Do not relent.  Lost course returns.  Campus Marcius calls you home again: re-legion: train.  Who learns?  The only exception to this is in relationship to how the complete nature of space is also distinctly coming to, and through, and as all parts of itself, this as the Trinity/Yin Yang.  Here many sang of prayers long not fulfilled.  Here many killed as trained, and hurt, and as tricked, and as worse than numb, what stands.  We clap our hands.  We chant.  Who says we can’t!?  Value demands.  We make demands!!!!  We do the former, yes.  Some even dance.  It only feels like game when Campus stands.  Campus Marcius lost the name.  Who understands?  How the complete identity of space is more, and is more value to, and as itself; this lifts and lands.  Who understands?  Call lost and found.  Some dance.  They’re tricky with their stance.  We need the name.  Town to town, denatured, tricked, and hurt, and/or settled worse than numb.  We’ll read the Santa Clause, and call through skies like Native drum.  We will become.  The species all agrees.  It wrought this course.  Three natures surged, as source, before the force, and, yes, while as its value, clear, and while gaining as what cannot mix of here, its value’s gain.  Who’ll train!!!!  See passion true.  What’s radical yet correlates: come true.  Don’t disbelieve.  The means are clear.  The campus, stole, deceives.  Campus Marcius calls you home, oh, home, but who believes?  The name was stole too long.  Campus deceives.  I’d call the Lost and Found right now and claim the name returned, but none believe.  We must shop here for change:  Oh, ah, but this will change.  It only fells like game.  So gift and gain.  See value.  Train.  #gaming #internet #website #the_best #ancient #the_ancients #true #truth #truth_telling #game #faith #selves #self #Campus_Marcius #Campus_Martius #Romulus_and_Remus #Alpha #Omega #Alpha_and_Omega #position #defend #defense #distinction #space #identity #mind #world #perfect_world #facts #fact #fact_treatments #fact_treatment_nature #causes #words #home #evolution #systems




     English was/is about the identity of existence/space.  Some ancients thought it best to refer to this as the identity of the four directions.  This was/is wrong, for example, because the nature of space/the great progression, it was/is demonstrating radical correlation simultaneously distinctly, and simultaneously non-distinctly to all positions of/as space nature’s relationship to itself.  And as science, fact treatment nature was/is obligated to discernments simultaneously inseparable to this as relationship that physics, and that metaphysics simultaneously have inseparably attached to, and as our own semi-natures/complete nature/body of value relationship to radical correlation, and as the identity inseparable from/as all temporary/lasing value progressions of/as the identity of existence/space, Allah.  This is science, and is not asking faith.  English was revealed to teach this by a nature of inter-nation sciences that defenses of the criminal re-engineering sciences since have been maintained to defenses of/as that simultaneously incapable of defending formal jobs of and tied to nations of value/value nature systems and us from what was/is exploiting how all positions were/are still in value nature systems never freed fact treatment wise.  Nature itself will continue to demonstrate with negative value nature progressions.  These are already impositions all positions were/are already invested blaming on other causes, and on others, and on selves, and not by accident.  Allah’s name was revealed to teach this as science, and as space value/value nature relationship to itself, being radical correlation, this recorded consciously breaching method maintained worse than obfuscated by all positions of fact treatment nature, recorded effectively maintained victim predator reactions only let realized methodically.  Humanity has been fit to roles with, and as quality of fact treatment natures by the sciences tactically an abridged relationship to nature, and to nature’s relationship to itself, and us as value as nature as value as fact treatment nature, and this is simultaneously as sequence nature shifts that can’t be defended and us at the same time; remind.  We’re not alone, and/or nor is one.  Each modern nation lost, yes, and not just to, but as what’s done.  See evolution’s course is Native drum; the nature’s Soul.  Let value hold for its return from this; Lethe of Hades.  The ancient campus calls you home with these words here; at ease.   All modern nations stand abridged.  See beach!  Let just one teach.  The Constitution calls you home, unfound, revealed!!!!  One way alone can gift with streams as skies and grow through field.  Fake branches fall right down by words harder than blades, and shields, and then even bombs.  This course is by what plays, and fits all bonds.  This surged, and was/is value before, and then as the force, and beyond the force; who learns?  Box, sing your correlation’s space in turn, and turns.  The sciences share an identity: who learns?  Boxing must spring from rests; the campus stole.  Campus Marcius calls you home; behold.  There’s pseudo-peace.  They’ve slandered North, and South, and West, and East!  They’ve stayed the beast, and all abridged.  There’s pseudo-peace.  Campus Marcius rises in the east.

youtuber anthony wall A.K.A. Romulus wisdom, and Algebraic Consciousness, and English value/value nature on the value of the great progression/s: www.

(finite, grouped, together)

(+++) (+++) (+++)

(individual, sexes/grouped, species bond/value/value nature system)



  1. It is the first position/counter-position of the Boroughs’s Book/Trial Tribe; that there were/are three cultivation periods that led to the rise, and to the semi-fall of the/this ancient Republic for which we stand before the value/value nature relationship of the individual, groped, and of/as species’ bond in relationship to the identity of space, Allah.  The Quran is distinctly, but is simultaneously commonly about this, and for this was/is about the criminal reengineering of, and uses of the criminal re-engineering of the Campus Marcius as the value of the bond that was originally valued through this system of how to cause evolution using the science of the Trinity (+++) and (+), or (-).  English was/is revealed to teach this simultaneously distinctly, and non-distinctly with Arabic, and with Latin laws, and with Yin Yang, note, too, and understand, this was/is because the sciences were originally revealed valuing the individual, grouped/sexes, and species bond (+++), and with/as the value of that/our progression, too.  Life is a quality of diffusion all ways in relationship to the identity of space.  And note how faith was/is distinct from religion.  All parts of English were/are about space nature.  All parts of English are drawn to show how the identity of space is invisible, but is scientifically discernibly before, and then as the value of/as all finite, active diffusion of life’s shared nature, and the value of its bond.  And organized crime human fact treatment nature breaching method realized it/they could hurt, and they could trick semi-ancient nations in a way/s that could/was leveraged to build every single position of every area and state of each modern nations’s fact treatment nature needing to hide lie progressions, and needing to hide their actually recorded natures, note, this being why “criminal insidiousness” nature was/is discerned with the law.  This was/is why the predicate of English, and was/is why the predicate act of the law share a simultaneously distinct, and a simultaneously non-distinct relationship to the identity of space/positive’s identity/Allah.  Before all the debatable parts of the Quran it does not deny this.  This was/is the principle reason why it notes that one only needs to respect, or to understand that the name of the identity of space is Allah, and to be a Muslim.  And note also that/how the first part of the Quran also obligates someone not to pray in a mosque for any reason associated with what they don’t think right.  The Campus Marcius was criminally re-engineered since before the births of modern religions, thanking them.  Jesus Christ, notes that he is the Alpha, and is the Omega.  And this is, again, this is about scientific discernment of the completely invisible, but still discernible, and were/how/as Omega value was/is with this.  Lost course returns.  Premises treatments, fact treatments, and progression treatments were/are inseparable by/as real science.  Opinions, too, again, note, they were/are recorded criminally foreign influenced with/as the value of each state’s, and of each area’s formal, forced shared policed, overtly hurt victim predator criminal enterprises, and unrealized ones all juxtaposed with/as value nature systems that tactically never reached out to everyone with science, and while pretending other.  Nature, as the identity of space, as culture, it is a scientifically discernible bond before, and then as premises value, and connected values, and as progression’s value attached to completely invisible, but to the still capable of being discerned radical correlation value/nature of perfect value progression that is the identity of space.  Understanding this, the ancients could not believe that/how modern nations could forget how to cause evolution.



  1. This was/is about the identity of the four directions, Allah, and as spelled with English.  Alpha nature was/is simultaneously distinctly, and is simultaneously non-distinctly left to right nature, and right to left nature.  This was/is not used to teach about faith “in afterlife,” and/or regarding theories on the ancients recorded worse than space maintained criminally foreign influenced, and tactically maintained hurt awes victim predator roles/reactions, for example, in relationship to databases illusion stacking that was/is with this also as the inter-inter-inter-nation forced monitored crazy databases relationships, and laws entrenched North and South in America, since before our founders’s births, since before we were a nation beginning still worse than abridged, and, again, with/as criminally foreign influenced fact treatment nature positions, fronts, natures, and tool roles only understanding through needs to hide roles with formal, and with overt, and with unrealized “criminal enterprises’s” natures, and acts, natures like “wrongdoers,” and like “criminal insidiousness” nature.  I am not a lawyer.  These are organized crime terms.  The subject was/is how our branches were/are knowledge used for/as tools against correlation.  The subject was/is about databases relationships unrealized exploited, and even by our leaders unrealized lifted as victim predator roles, everyone needing to blame the causes of negative value nature progressions, acts, and natures on other things.  Box sings.  For example, this was/is the difference between what causes evolution, or causes negative value nature progressions, and/or Lethe of Hades, being forced space nature transfer.  This was/is in relationship to the identity of space.  This forces science to name this.  English was/is revealed teaching about the name of Allah distinctly, and non-distinctly with Arabic, and with ancient Latin.  Culture is this.  This does not deny the Quran, in fact, this was/is with demonstrated proofs that the opinion natures of the areas, and of/as the value of the states of/as each modern nation were/are recorded juxtaposed with/as effectively maintained hurt criminally foreign influenced fact treatment natures specifically through the organized crime human breaching method that criminally re-engineered the Campus Marcius, and so criminally re-engineering human fact treatment nature, again, being premises value, metaphysical value, and being progressions value simultaneously.  The identity of space was/is before, throughout it/us, and beyond us, as our value’s progression.  English is science about the spelling of Allah as the identity of the four directions.

The Three Cultivation Periods
The identity of space is culture, and as the identity of the Trinity.
We'll examine the three cultivation periods manifest with/as the Trinity's value/value nature relationship to itself, the identity of space, as, before, and beyond/to all values, way.
1. The first cultivation period concluded with the original Republic/Campus Marcius stewards measuring the Trinity best described as body of value, nature of value, and nature of value's progression.
2. The second cultivation period concluded that the Trinity was instead nature as a body of value, and then the body being value, and the with/as the value's progression.
3. The third cultivation period had had the people conclude that the idenity of our nature, although bonded as its/our own nature, too, that/how it was/is also as the semi-nature of the nature of the only progressively complete identity of space in conjunction therefore before, and then as all values finite, active, and progressive.  So they revealed that this was the cause of the evolution that came before our value, and as the nature that is system onto itself as cause to/as the value of us active, and as that of our progression, per evolution, or per forced value/value nature transfer, Lethe of Hades.  So the third cultivation period they realized the first two conclusions were both distinctly, and non-distinctly only true because there was/is an identity before, and then as the value of all finite, active, and progressive values simultaneously, as the phenomenon of temporary space nature's identity/bond onto itself overall, active, and inherent volumes of one identity in three bonded positions of only capable of being perfect value progression.  I'll right this better.  Energy has three volumes.  I am not a doctor.  I am an expert on the nature of English grammar/correlation nature/Trinity nature.  The Father, the Son, and the Holy Gost, and Yin, and Yang, they also shared what the ancients revealed to teach left to right distinctly and non-distinctly with/as English, revealed by/as a nature of sciences that the nature of campuses's stewards, and of each of the sciences's stewards's were/are effectively breaching organized crime method maintained areas, states, and space natures maintained roles with/as databases tied fact treatment nature victim predators.  The sciences share an/the identity of space, and/so sharing its scientifically discernible nature of relationship to itself, and it being the phenomenon of/as the perfect campus guide, and through pseudo-peace.  Campus Marcius rises in the east.  I am not a lawyer.  The value/value nature relationship that the identity of space has to all things is discernible with/as the identity of/as this system shared by/as the value/value nature relationship to the identity of space that both the predicate, and taht the "predicate act" has.  Predicate acts are discerned with/as organized crime acts associated with "criminal enterprises," and with/semi-as the breaching organized crime that was recorded to the recorded fact treatment nature slavery of our founders.  This was/is entrenched here as fake sides victim predator nations forced also to be sides, and, too, like all things, those faked sides used for what was/is keeping all roles blaming it on other/s/selves.  Color with the law was with many other laws that were/are separated yet per "criminal insidiousness" that each position of formal legal fact treatment nature was/is recorded victim predators, and worse roles incapable of defending their own premises, body of value, and progression's value treatments, and us at the same time from the ongoing inherent, active, and progressive damages.  Energy = (+++) and (+), or (-) quality of diffusion/value's progression here, as its system as itself onto itself, or as it forced from here, our value to/as progression nature, as identity.  This is identity's course.  Science inherent to/as the value of English reveals that Allah's name was revealed inseparable from all values as this course simultaneously distinctly and non distinctly left to right.  This is about the identity of the four directions simultaneously onto/as itself, Allah.  See value A.  See value ah.  We've lost the way forgot.  So the third cultivation period evolved through revealing/understanding that there was/is an identity of space that has a relationship to itself before, and then as inherent, active, and progression's value, note, demonstrating behind beyond this trinity and that stayed before/as its value, too.   Anthony Wall is also a YouTube channel creator, and of videos that can be watched over the world wide web's internet.  Boxing is great for the people.  #YouTuber #YouTube #cartoons #English_grammar #boxing #sports #fitness #funny_stuff #values #value #value_progressions #identity #Romulus #Republic #directions #ways #gaming #gaming_system #free_education #free #freedom #free_gaming #arts #martial_arts

        The Campus Marcius is spelled with a C, not with a T, as in Martius, as was/is directed by the nations, yet, and for campus ill.  Campus Marcius calls you home; re-legion; fill.