Dimension, Dimensions, and Algebraic Consciousness

By: Anthony Wall 2/24/219

Allah's name was revealed to teach Algebraic Consciousness, and as the value of Algebra, and as the spelling of it in English simultaneously distinctly, and simultaneously non-distinctly with the spelling of/value of the spelling of Arabic, a right-to-left language, note.  You know box sings.  The sciences share an/the identity.  It is in demonstration to, and while as all things.  Again box sings; behold.  The skyline's volume only fills.  It lifts and gifts.  Oh, or it leaves, Lethe of Hades....  That's nature's course.  And as yet I speak of the source alone.  It is the only thing that is surging through all things: box sings; be known....  Campus Marcius/Campus Martius calls you each back home.  Too long each campus lied, and worse, be shown.  English was revealed by/as a nature of sciences before they were tactically affected self-valued self-degraded.  For example, this had been in semi-ancient times before the time of modern religions.  And further, for example, the species was no longer valuing the method they'd revealed of/as how to cause evolution, and its fruits, and its gifts.  For example, St. Nicholas, correlation reveals, he had been asked to help the church semble a method to defend the church's position/s on the nature of the law, note, with them, and with everyone already by the semi-ancient organized crime method forced to be liars pretending other, as everyone.  Free speech was/is to be value for us to demonstrate forced identity thefts crime acts, and method/s against us, note, methods, plural, but bonded by one.  Tribes A thru Z, and colonists A thru Z, and nations A thru Z missed this.  The semi-ancient organized crime method had already effectively taken the formal sophistication of the states, and of the areas of semi-ancient nations before, and after the time of modern religions's messengers, not just about the identity of/as all things at once, generating its nature of volume's increase.  For example, Heaven, and Hell, these were/are first revealed as scientific identities of value, and by Pantheism, a/the sciences about the one identity of value/value progression self-generating, it is as one identity of value progression.  It is one way simultaneously, distinctly, and non-distinctly the same way, a/the way it is self-generating.  Genesis, and the Quran are demonstrably also about sequence nature's, and about sophistication's sabotage, and thefts, and as humanity now in an identity of negative value nature progression self-valued blamed on other causes, and/or on others, and/or on selves.  This way is how to think.  I am not a doctor.  For example, all identitites of jobs, and of titles, and of branches, and of/as all private tied to them, and as all shared policing, note, many nations, again, shared roles/aceptions of/as the law as "criminal insidiousness" natures, breaching screens, and breaching tools, again, as the only let realized natures of sciences since semi-ancient times, being abridged sciences, and as the Constitution left by our founders to demonstrate abrided.  All rise: free speech.  All practical yet fails.  This seeks through breach.  So this was/is regarding motivations for roles with the obfuscations of each of the sciences's revelations.  The sciences share an/the identity, again, self-generating.  And English was revealed to teach this by the species united before it became "criminally foreign influenced," again, in semi-ancient times.  This just reminds.  Yin Yang, and Alpha and Omega were/are revealed together to teach English.  Yin Yang are together inside of letter O (o)/value O.  Alpha is alone at letter A (A), however, but this being about what is invisible, but is still discernible as value/nature, for example, like the subject, like the verb, and/or like any of the identities of value of English, and/or of any science, they are to be understood as nature/s of/as volume, again, self-generating.  And this is how Algebraic Consciousness works.  This system is designed to shut down hurt, and the real causes of and roles with what leads people going to courts each day, and worse, and getting hurt, all victim predators originally, and still per a method recorded, but missed because of the extents of, and per the method of the exploitation/s of each position of the human fact treatment nature's free speech.  So one must teach through campuses; stole.  Campus Marcius calls you home; behold.  For example, we'll examine how there are only three dimensions.  The only exception to that is how there are five dimensions of sequence.  That is only from our perspective as temporary positive, not as temporary/lasting positive, for example.  There is one complete nature.  And there are two semi-natures that are equal to its value, and to its value of/nature of diffusion.  There is the difference between positive, or negative quality of diffusion, and of/as forever nature, each, yes, and each thing.  Campus Marcius gains again to sing.

1, 3, and 5 are the Identity Numbers - Three natures of zero are the nature numbers - 1, 3, and 5 are ground's value to the identity of the value nature of infinity, as forever nature, as value nature inside value's nature.  Hear logic's course.  Box sings.  It tells us things; behold.  All things share this identity of relationship to/as our selves, again, not source, and in relationship to how we were/are a/the gaining nature of volume, as a/the quality of diffusion/Diffusions.  This is about the identity of positive, for example, its actual science.  Please note how "criminal insidiousness" natures need to turn negatives into positives distinctly from identity of value nature that is not "criminally foreign influenced."

1. Dimension = one identity of value's perfect value progression self-generating, again, as a/the gaining nature of volume as value that each discernible value is, as positive, in relationship to/as this gaining nature of volume, further simultaneously positive, or negative in relationship to the identity of value that has both positive and negative positive to/as itself.  Negative is a nature of temporary/lasting positive.

2. Semi-nature A, is three semi-natures of Allah's complete nature of volume.  This is as the value of/as three bonded natures of volume that only increase, as positive temporary/lasting forever nature, or as negative temporary/lasting forever nature, note, but through, and in relationship to a/the value progression system that the value nature systems were foreced to stay tactically ulterior from.  Each identity of value is an individual/inherent, is an active/grouped, and is a progressive/lasting value/value's identity of relationship to itself as value/value's nature's perfect progression, again, nature of forever nature's increase.  This is the order to the finite, and to what is active, and to/as what is the value of our acts and inactions unceasingly.  It is how we are a/the nature of volume, humanity, as a/the quality/Quality of diffusion.

3.  Semi-nature B, is the five semi-natures, and/or is five dimensions of sequence nature, and/or of/as leverage, as the nature of it that is the cause of/as evolution, and is fruits and gifts, note.  The first is the nature of leverage self-generating, as identity of value/value's nature's progression before matter was bonded.  The complete identity of dimension/s, part was/is before matter was/is value, as a semi-nature of itself also self-generating through how being matters bond, too, as a semi-nature of its complete identity, and while being the identity of self-generation active, and while being the value of that/life sustained, and while being the value of its completion, too, as the finial nature of the complete nature.

The Five Semi-natures of Allah's/Algebra's complete identity of self-generating identity of value/s progression/s.

1.  A priori to the value to earth's bond's value is a semi-nature of the complete identity of sequence nature.  This is while it is simultaneously the gaining value of the other four semi-nature of itself, note, gaining simultaneously.

2.  There is the semi-nature of the complete nature that is the value of how all planents are bonded as earth's individual value in what is simultaneously grouped, and is simultaneously all planets/identities of value progression at once.

3.  The third semi-nature of Allah's complete identity is what is active value from this bond, note, as earth's value's value simultaneously distinctly, and simultaneously more so in relationship to Allah's complete identity of value/value's nature's self-generation method, and then while as earth's/our simultaneously distinct and non-distinct relationship to the rest of space nature, note, and with us consciousnes of it.  Algebraic Consciousness is no joke.  It only works with what its as evolution's course, and means, so feels this way.  Here many pray.  So the third semi-nature of the complete nature is active value.

4.  The fourth semi-nature of the complete identity of value/value's nature's perfect value progression, again, and simultaneously, as a/the gaining nature of volume, as its identity of relationship to/as itself, and the value of that, and as earth's simultaneosuly distinct/non-distinct value of planet's bond, and of relationship to where/how the complete identity can say in demonstation to all things as them.  This is our sustained value once it is out of our control, but while still in it.

5.  The fifth semi-nature of the complete identity of Allah is that value/nature gaining as value with/as the value of/as our temporary/lasting positive, or negative value nature relationship to itself, as what only allows evolution, or its loss, the perfect system's here again.  Box sings.  It tells us things.

P.S. - Anthony Wall, and the ancientgamingsystem.com is not a doctor, and/or nor associated with doctors.  This was/is logic's course, however, and with doctors recorded originally, and still criminally foreign influenced, and delusions wrought inter-sciences, and worse, all victim predator roles with what was/is to the semi-ancient organized crime method forced valued by all.  Also see www.youtube.com/user/romuluswall and subscribe and see youtube.com/user/romuluswall/videos and see the play lists.  And learn of New York Game/s, and of Species Coach, and of/as Coach of States, and as Species Beggar, long.  Campus Marcius calls you home.  It begs.  It begs; all long....

        The Campus Marcius is spelled with a C, not with a T, as in Martius, as was/is directed by the nations, yet, and for campus ill.  Campus Marcius calls you home; re-legion; fill.