Life and Humanity

by: Anthony Wall

          Identity is a/the nature of volume.  One identity of value progression perfect generates all others.  This is forever's identity.  Space, and existence, they are semi-nature relationships to forever's complete identity.  This is how they are increasing natures of volume, and as the one all things are at once individually, grouped, and together.  It is only for how the sciences are maintained criminally foreign influenced, how scientific process was/is prohibited free speech to demonstrate this since semi-ancient times.  Just like how your own identity is greater than all the parts of your body individually, grouped, and together, too, the identity of the body of space/existence is greater than itself, but while as it.  It is self-generating.  The origins of life, and of physical space existence, they are about this one nature of volume that only increases.  There are proofs that the ancients revealed English to teach this, and with Yin Yang, for example.  Semi-ancient sciences were then “criminally foreign influenced.”  And sciences have been self-valued with criminally foreign influenced scientific process influences, and with criminally foreign influenced premises treatments, sequence treatments, note, and identity treatments since semi-ancient times, criminally foreign influenced.  It is important also to understand that/how these “criminal foreign influences” were/are not sourced by one modern nation, but are maintained fluent through each modern nation.  Scientific consensus is effectively maintained “criminally foreign influenced,” for example, and effectively to maintain scientific processes self-valued criminally foreign influenced, and delusions wrought, as well.  And so note also how this has recorded influences over the “sense and sensibilities” of everyone through time, and still valuing/defending criminally foreign influenced sequence treatments, and finite, active, and progressive treatments of positive, and of identity’s treatments, again, criminally foreign influenced since semi-ancient times.  Psychology is the private industry most insidiously used by roles with the campuses of each age, and of the branches of each area, and of each state, again, recorded still self-valued criminally foreign influenced, and breaching screens, tools, and worse than just weapons as each formal identity of the law since semi-ancient times.  All rise.  This is a citizen’s arrest, by Anthony Wall.  This is not just volume science.  This is not just identity science.  Get them to pick one name, and to pick one sequence, too, inter-branch, starting with Connecticut, but inter-states.  #life #space #existence #existent #evolution #human #humanity #volume #science #origins #genisis #identity #scientific #processes #time #AnthonyWall #youtuber #world #sciences #Romulus #Republic #campuses #ancients #humanity #origins #space #existence #values #value #value_progression #Anthony #Wall  8/18/2019

        The Campus Marcius is spelled with a C, not with a T, as in Martius, as was/is directed by the nations, yet, and for campus ill.  Campus Marcius calls you home; re-legion; fill.