Understanding logic's Identity, the Mind's.


This is by Anthony Wall, not a doctor, but recorded capable of delineating the delusions of psychology, and of the sciences, each, and since semi-ancient times.  This just reminds: now one must teach.  Free speech.  https://www.facebook.com/RomulusMagnellah/videos/2299533110116170/ https://www.youtube.com/user/romuluswall

The Alphabet...

The Alpha and Omega letters/values (A thru L)...

The Yin Yang letters/values (L - W)...

The god/God letters/values (X - Z)...

By: Anthony Wall 2/27/2019

Box sings: discern how earth is simultaneously flat, yet round, and more. 

Value g/G = three natures of god/God as an Algebraic variable.

There are counter-obfuscations with the ancient gaming system tied to the Campus Marcius/Marcius maintained lost value/s.

This is a/the Value Nature, is to liberate humanity from social media, and from online inter-branch databases/identity of value crimes rolls, needs, natures, and methods criminally foreign influenced, and recorded delusions wrought, each modern nation, again, in a semi-ancient inter-campuses, and inter-everything human fact treatment nature/sequence value/simultaneous nature exploitation, and human fact treatment nature breaching organized crime method.  Ancientgamingsystem.com is not associated with any lawyers.  Lawyers, and each of the sciences were/are recorded how maintained victim predators per this organized crime method using each individual, grouped, and together.  And so we'll use the three natures of god/God to teach this using actual science all ways, and not exploiting, and not tools with the exploitation of exceptions, note, and of exception nature.  English is about the identity the sciences share.  It is about the mind's value as nature, and nature as value simultaneously, and simultaneously distinctly, and simultaneously non-distinctly, and so the identity this is by is discernible, attend.  Campus Marcius calls you home again; Campus Marcius/Campus Martius.  Anthony Wall is an expert on the nature/value of English grammar.


Humanity is three natures of volume, and is their/our simultaneosuly inherent, active, and progressive value simultaneously (+++).  Each individual is a/the nature of volume as this, simultaneously, note, as a grouped nature of volume/sexes, and as the speices nature of volume (+++).  English was/is revealed to teach what ancients probably referred to as Algebraic Consciousness, and using Allah's name, and using Yin Yang.  For example, where, and how Yin Yang, and how Alpha and Omega are both about the semi/completely bonded value that male/female polarity is, note, Yin Yang with the female nature first left to right, and at the same time, Alpha and Omega being ordered left to right, note, simultaneosuly.  Yin Yang is a painting of what is inside letter/value O (O), and inside the three natures of zero.  This is also to teach about the Trinity, for example, and about how a little bit more and more of one complete nature is coming into/as temporary/lasting space nature's increasing identity of value.  Our speices is a bonded nature of value with value coming from, through, to, with, and while being our own value, the value of our identity nature.  Each individual is three natures of volume bonded by a greater identity, just as each organ of our body shares its complete identity only as a semi-nature realtionship to our complete identity.  Each complete identity is simultaneosuly a semi-nature relationship to the greatest overall identity of value progression.  This is one of my first youtube videos, but on the three natures of zero https://youtu.be/sUD3ZoJ5eHs.  I noted in the comment section that, and how the W drawn in the first nature of zero, before one, how it was/is supposed to be written upside down.  All gather round.  The identity of ground, at the same time, is all around.  It has a bonded value of relationship to/as the value of fact treatment nature, invisible, but clear.  Listen to me, Anthony Wall, and to my youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/romuluswall.  Prepare your minds.  We are an increasing nature of volume.  This was/is what sexes are in demonstration of, too.  The identity of volume we are is simultaneously.  To quote myself from twitter, "One identity is simultaneously inherently, is simultaneously actively, and is progression's value, too, note simultaenously. This is the identity that inventions work in relationship to, or not says http://ancientgamingsystem.com ."  We must build a Wall that is value's value, note, and as its value that is also further positive value to/as our nature of volume's inherent identity beyond our control.  No matter who we are; the identity of positive has it that/how we all need/crave/long water.  This truth is invisible, but clear, note, too, true as all exceptions.  The mind has a nature of how it thinks properly that was/is originally, and was/is still sustained tortured to not protract each minds's simultaneosuly inherent, active, and progressive means.  I am not a doctor.  It is recorded that, and how I can/will delineate the delusions of psychology's doctors, and of their roles with natures of origanized crime originally, and still, too, not even needing to be a lawyer.  They're caught, the nations, each.  They've just now to admit.  Let just one teach.  See breach its through each one, and valued yet, by each.  Now one must teach.  Free speech.  So this video is about this, aslo, being about how we are three natures of volume by, and as value to another one that was/is this, but is also more than that, also, again, like how each heart's complete identity is simultaneously a semi-nature identity in relationship to our complete identity nature, too, note, the value of the other organs distinctly, non-distinctly, and simultaneously.  Allah's name, it goes with letter/value G.  Letter/value G stands for God.  This is Algebraic Consciousness.  The identity of, and as things, it is distinct from the word god.  Algebra uses numbers, and uses letters to work with known values, and to reveal more about the letters, as unknown values, note, or quantities.  Quantity is only value when as nature, and/or as negative value nature progression, for example, in relationship to the identity that inventions work, or not in relaitonship to.  It is invisible, but is clear.  Inventions are also further positive, or negative in relationship to this identity, and to its identity of value prooression, and to/as the value of this.  We are forever nature.  And this is its course; return.  This will be our theme song, and means https://youtu.be/DtjU1TxQOUk.  One way redeems.  Please subscribe to youtube.com/user/romuluswall's youtube channel.  And communicate in the comment section on one of the speices coach videos if one wants to fight as a leader against other leaders for the New York Game/s, et cetera, for the Revolution.  #nature #mind #wisdom #quality #consciousness #prodigy #value #youtube #UnitedStates #fun #gaming #games #teach #learning #campus #Anthony #Romulus #quote #wisdom #movies #funny #funnymovies

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        The Campus Marcius is spelled with a C, not with a T, as in Martius, as was/is directed by the nations, yet, and for campus ill.  Campus Marcius calls you home; re-legion; fill.