The Campus Marcius,

an Ancient Gaming System

Radical English Grammar

(The Alpha, the Omega, and Algebraic Consciousness)






Anthony Wall

A.K.A. Romulus Magnellah


A, E, I, O, U, Y = Alpha Energy Identifies Omega, yoU’re value, whY?

Algebraic Consciousness: (X, Y, and Z)





            English was/is about the identity of existence/space.  It was revealed by/as a nature of inter-nation sciences that defenses of tactically criminally foreign influenced sciences since semi-ancient times simultaneously to keep fact treatment nature by reality’s actual value/value nature progression system incapable of being told properly, and such as left to/as all positions of human fact treatment nature formal, not, foreign, and overt criminal enterprises foreign, and unrealized ones private, and juxtaposed, and America’s/modern nations’s original/still lost to and used by fact treatment nature rackets one/s perpetually on/off campuses maintained by space maintained, and then by inter-sciences maintained, and then by inter-campuses on/off campuses maintained inter-branch, and inter-military roles with/as natures, acts, and lie progressions criminally foreign influenced databases rackets, and fact treatment nature rackets, and sequence shifting rackets inter-branch online, and space maintained on/off campuses, and inter-sciences, and with/as the value/value nature relationship to all databases originally, and still.  Re-legion; fill.  We’re clear through sides.  Sequence shifting was/is with/as the original/stayed organized crime method roles of how private, and of how inter-branch, and of how juxtaposed private and inter-branch/inter-military criminal enterprises, and/or natures of them, how they were/are also recorded effectively originally, and still juxtaposed with, and by, and semi-still-as the original/stayed fact treatment nature slavery of our founders breaching organized crime method.  There were/are victim predator behavior crimes, and methods by this, but by one before, as, and beyond all temporary/lasting formal and other areas’s and states’s value/value nature progressions.  English is an identity of value progression nature/value and simultaneous value/value nature relationship system, and onto the identity of existence/space, Allah.  This is science that was demonstrably revealed before the Quran, note, demonstrably semi-about what had already criminally re-engineered the Campus Marcius revealed as inter-nation sciences revealed value, again, but before its/our/existence’s sciences were/are criminally re-engineered, and per/semi-as a breaching crime method by this that was/is completely a fact treatment nature one, and a sequence shifting collusion cover-up facilitation nature of one.  Let kingdom come; all hurt, forced sides, and forced to stay as shared, as guise, as worse than guise.  Note how guise rhymes with guys.  And note, per what I’m calling Biologic, even though I’m not a scientist, and even though actual sciences use the term Biologic other, it is because there were/are proofs that that was/is what the ancients called the phenomenon of how every letter of English spells a word, and how every word spells.  And so not that/how each letter holds a progression, and evolving conversation.  The word guy is an exception nature.

  1. Alpha’s Alpha longs people’s high Alpha’s see.  Long Omega neutrality’s god.  People’s energy’s Omega people long energy.  High inherent God tells.  Alpha longs people’s high Alpha.

        The Campus Marcius is spelled with a C, not with a T, as in Martius, as was/is directed by the nations, yet, and for campus ill.  Campus Marcius calls you home; re-legion; fill.