and Numbers Theory

The Nature/value Numbers

and the Value/vaue nature Numbers

by: Anthony Wall 3/7/2019

1,  Three natures of zero are the nature numbers, and/or as the nature/value nature numbers.  The slash/solidus (/) is being used to teach how we are a/the gaining nature of volume unceasingly, and how as its identitiy of relationshyip to/as itself with/as three natures of positive, and/but one being temporary positive only, and as negative value nature, and/or as "criminal insidiousness" nature/s, note, since semi-ancient times, valued by the sciences of/as nations from off their campuses sustaining this stayed outcome/s, and and databases stacked with lies, and with/as worse.  Return; attend; Campus Marcius/Campus Martius calls you home again.

2.  Number 1 at 1 before zero, and number 3, and number one at 10 are the value/value's identity numbers.  This is about the complete identity that math is about.  The sciences share an identity.  And the species valuing how we are a connected nature of volume revealed this.  Other was/is valued pretended "scientific," and/or pretending it is proper evidences reception practicality stature that was/is recorded human fact treatment nature breaching organized crime method maintained not that.  I am not a lawyer, and/or nor a police form, and/or nor military, and/or nor am I a criminal, and would like to keep it this way, like all.  We have various natures of original, and of stayed inter-branch, and inter-campuses identity theft/s natures of crime acts roles faciliated originally, and still through a/the method keeping this self-valued, and all juxtaposed to roles, needs, natures, and styles pretending other, and pretending others are liars offensively, and with overt criminal entepries, and with private ones still valued America, and nations.  Each age is in a/the trap against it distinctly, non-distinctly, and simultaneously.  It is states, and is areas of/as each modern nations valuing never let realized proper treatments of positive, and of morality since semi-ancient times, fake theater, ill.  Campus Marcius rises on the hill, and while purging depths, and by these means.  One way redeems.  One identity of value/value progression perfect is a/the complete identity of value at 1, at 3, and at 10 at ten simultaneously distinctly and non-distinctly, note, and simultaneously further.  So the same complete identity that is the three natures of zero, too, it is simultaneously distinctly the value of the two ones, and of the three with a/the manifest relationship to/as itself, again, the perfect value progression, as forever nature's complete identity, as the value of/as our own.  Note how the needs to have clean water, and longing for it, not this commen to each individual, a/the nature of volume that is simultaneously the value of each group/sex, and as the value of the species nature of value simultaneously.  This is value to correlation, because it  has an/each/the identity.  It is all individual identities of value progression individual, grouped, and together at once.

3.  The nature numbers (000), and the value/identity numbers (131), Allah's complete identity is simultaneously the value of the one before zero at one, and as the value of zero at ten.  Infinity is a volume of forever nature that is increasing, and as forever nature.  Heaven, and Hell are terms of math, but beyond this, are terms of English, again, revealed by the species working together to teach about the identity the sciences/all things share, value's, and value's natures simultaneous, and distinct, and its non-distinct value progression, again, perfect.  This is better than just Volume Theory alone, and by the creator of volume theory, Anthony Wall.  See how it's true all ways, and as exceptions's course.  All drop the force: box sings.  It tells us things; behild.  The skyline only lifts, and gifts, or is forced away, Lethe of Hades, it goes.  Campus Marcius longs, and as the value of the souls, the volume's course, the source, what sings.  It is surging through all things alone box sings.  It tells us things, and like boxing, the sciences share an identity long obfuscated, and worse.  All must rehearse; attend.  Campus Marcius calls you home again..  This is about the identity of logic, is about its identity of leverage, and of/as value as nature, and how.  All stand from bow, fake branches, down.  Law must allow; attend them down.  Who won't!!!?

        The Campus Marcius is spelled with a C, not with a T, as in Martius, as was/is directed by the nations, yet, and for campus ill.  Campus Marcius calls you home; re-legion; fill.