How Santa is About English and the Timeless Snowpeople

The Santa Clause and English


                This is with emergency regards to the reading of the Santa Clause.  Please note the value of the clause of English grammar.  This volume, each identity of value is in demonstration of a/the nature of volume that only fills, and this as a/the increasingly valuable relationship to/as itself, being what actually causes positive, or causes negative value nature progressions.  The (the), a (a), and (an) are the articles of English grammar.  English is value as a nature.  The articles are nature as value.  The word, the phrase, and the clause are value as nature.  And so we’ll examine what nature is.  And this requires how the identity that the sciences share was/is maintained motivated by the sciences obfuscated.  And this requires demonstration of how types of experts were/are locked invested to fact treatment defenses of/as natures valuing this, too, and where, and how the actual history of each nation is about what human fact treatment nature breaching method had been entrenched here/there as a system exploiting this since before our nations’s founding/s, pounding drums.


The Articles of the Trinity of the Identity the Sciences Share


The = definite article

A = an indefinite article

An = an indefinite article

(Trinity value/value nature)

(Note the word/identity of value finite in the word definite, and indefinite.)


                Prepositions are about value nature transfer's value's value.  The human volume; the species is in a fact treatment nature organized crime trap exploiting the identity of relationship that all values, even space, that even space have to/as a unceasingly increasing value/value’s nature relationship to value’s identity of value progression perfect.  The identity of the ground, invisible but still discernible group nature of volume/sexes, and the identity of the species nature of volume are bonded.  Every value, even grouped, and even all together, it has the identity of Allah on both sides of it, greater than it.  “God is great” is also a tactically wrong campus/sciences translation of Arabic, too, by the way, note, and for this being about how the identity of/as all things at the same time, as we are more of its semi-nature, but as its complete nature of relationship to/as itself, the Trinity.  Each of the sciences are worse than obfuscated to maintain each age of fact treatment nature as victim counters to what values that specifically to maintain fact treatment nature invested defending qualities of itself that cannot defend itself from “criminal insidiousness” nature/s, and us at the same time, each position of expert, each person through campuses, but from off them.  God, is of an Algebraic Consciousness of the identity of perfect value progression.  For example, god/God being the material we are wrong, and/or are right about.  Allah, the identity of everything is what we already revealed is the identity of relationship to/as itself that causes positive, or causes negative value nature progressions, and per that as science.

                The Santa Clause, is about our needs to remain the nature of relationship to our nature’s nature that causes positive value nature progressions.  This is forever nature’s course, yes, too, and gifts.  The volume, and/so as the value fills.  Discern how the word, phrase, and the clause are value as nature, and as opposed to the articles, as nature as value.  We’ll examine this.  Life/death are a bonded value/value nature relationship to value’s complete nature.  And this is as a volume that only fills, and so its value of/nature of relationship to itself only filling, and this as cause to Santa’s gifts/value filling, timeless, and/or as it forced from here, Lethe of Hades.  Lethe of Hades, is forced space nature transfer.  Nature is identity’s simultaneously inherent, active, and progressive relationship to/as itself, and is the value of that positive (+), or negative (-).  Please learn from, and from  Re-legion; train through sides the volume fills.  Don’t leave what spills its course.  The value/volume lifts, and gifts, or leaves, Lethe of Hades….  This is Anthony Wall's facebook page,, A.K.A., Romulus....

        The Campus Marcius is spelled with a C, not with a T, as in Martius, as was/is directed by the nations, yet, and for campus ill.  Campus Marcius calls you home; re-legion; fill.