Volume Theory 

By: Anthony Wall

There are five semi-natures of one self-generating identity of value progression attacked to, and as the value of/as all value progressions.  This is also an inseparable bond, and value of bond, for example, bonded inseparable from our quality of fact treatment nature, humanity, as temporary positive as temporary/lasting positive since semi-ancient times, as mass "criminal insidiousness" natures of convictions valuing the real causes of negative value nature progressions, acts, and natures, valuing the real causes of them blamed on other cuases, and on others, and even on selves, and then defending that.  Such fact treatment nature defenses force pretended integrity to/as the identities of the law so then maintained criminally foreign influenced this way.  Each modern nation individually, grouped, and together, we are in a trap.  Earth's value is how each identity of space value progression is an individually, grouped, and overall connected nature/nature of relationship to the complete identity of value progression self-generating.  Below are the five physical/metaphysical/simultaneous semi-natures of the complete identity inseparable from itself simultaneously distinct, and simultaneously non-distinctly.  And this is how earth is a simultaneously distinct and non-distinct relationship to the rest of space.  This is just how each identity of the English alphabet, each letter/value, it is how each is simultaneously a distinct/non-distinct nature of volume.  There is the individual nature of volume (+), is the grouped nature of volume (++), and is the nature of volume that is all identities of value progression at the same time (+++).  What is simultaneous is our distinct/non-distinct relationship to the identity of value progression that has even space as a semi-nature/Trinity of/as its complete nature.  This is how one identity of value progression is self-generating. Science reveals this.  We have worse than not had free speech to speak this since semi-ancient times.  It is because of a databases tied, and becauses of a distances from databases tied crime acts maintained facilitated connected human fact treatment nature organized crime roles, America, and modern nations.  It was/is recorded how each formal identity of the law, and of all private tied to each location, it was/is recorded how this was/is used to maintain the states, and the areas, and the campuses of/as each modern nation in collusion against each individual's rights/value actual, and as our actually recorded means worse than forced to/as criminally foreing influenced and delusions wrought systems other since semi-ancient times, humanity, ye, species nature of volume.  I am not a doctor.  It was/is recorded how doctors of "mental healthcare," and how all tied to the branches of government, and to databases relationships, how they were/are maintained roles, needs, and natures valuing each age of correlation nature in a trap keeping each person valuing the simultaneously inherent, active, and progressive means of correlation nature's trinity, and with sequence true, note, and with our identities not stolen, too, note, branches of government long having been evidence fabricaiton nature roles in collusion against us with acts, and with inactions, and with crime methods recorded, but not let verbally told on, note, and them having been torturing who tries to demonstrate them recorded doing such inter-cities through time, and inter-campuses.  All we need for instant evolution was/is recorded.  Forgiveness was/is for this.  Fake branches, all, just lay down, fall.  Box sings....  The species longs this course this way, and as means these ones are not and cannot be.  The legion wakes right here.  We are not free.  Many natures of, and many methods of identity thefts, and all tied to it, and with it were/are missed, but were/are recorded.  Mandated law was/is prevented through a method exploiting each nation per how our nature was/is actually inseparably distinctly/non-distinctly individually, grouped, and together, note, and then/now upon individual value/s below that, us, species nature of volume.  The semi-natures in self-geration of more nature of volume, as forever nature, they are as follows:

1.  There is the nature of leverage of one complete simultaneous identity of value progression before it, and sustained, as a semi-nature of the complete identity of value progression that bonded planets to/as a simultaneously distinct/non-distinct relationship to/as itself, each planet, and simultaneosuly distinct/non-distinct nature of volume individually (+), grouped (++), and together (+++).

2.  There is the nature of leverage as the bonded planet, and/or as the body of value that is ground.  And this is with the first semi-nature of the value progresion that was complete value progression since before planets were bonded.

3.  There is the nature of volume that addition, and that subtraction are two semi-natures of, as one complete semi-nature of, and also as infinity nature, a gaining nature of volume inside value's nature, again, self-generating, as the nature of volume, Allah, and the other names of god.  For example, languages are sounds with identities of relationships to themselves that were revealed more than having been invented.

4.  There is the nature of volume that what divides and multiplies is a semi-nature of, and them together shared by the identity of invinity, note, what was/is value since before, while being infinity's value/nature of volume/nature of volume's relationship to itself, note, and while as us, as temporary/lasting identity volume/forever nature, again, identity nature as the nature even greater than and while being the value of infinity.

5.  There is the nature of volume that is a semi-nature that is inconjunction wtih the first one that stays a nature of leverage of/as everywhere nature is from before it/beyond it one way, and this fifth way beyond it another, but how/while we're a quality of diffusion, humanity.  This is positive's, and/or is negative's actual course, the nature/s of volume.  And this is self-generating these semi-natures simultaneously, as one increasing nature of volume.  Earth's difference is here where there are three hundred and sixty five days in one year, note, because of is to earth's simultaneously distinct/non-distinct relationship to the rest of volume's identity/space's.  Earth is the individual identity of volume inseparable from each semi-nature of/as itself, again, the simultaneous nature.

        The Campus Marcius is spelled with a C, not with a T, as in Martius, as was/is directed by the nations, yet, and for campus ill.  Campus Marcius calls you home; re-legion; fill.